Water Proofing

BS 8102 is the British Standards Institute Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water from the Ground. It is a design document to inform designers and contractors of various methods of waterproofing. The code applies to structures on sloping sites or those that extend below ground level.

It provides recommendations and guidance on methods of preventing water seeping into a basement from the surrounding ground. BS8102 covers the use of drained cavity construction, structurally integral watertight construction and waterproofing barrier materials applied to the structure.

It also covers risk assessment, evaluation of groundwater conditions and options for drainage outside the structure. BS8102 defines four grades of internal environment as follows:

Grade 1 - Car Parking

Grade 2 - Low Grade Storage

Grade 3 - Habitable

Grade 4 - Special Storage

Hydrostatic pressure should be reduced by the installation of drainage systems wherever possible. We can assist in the correct specification of those systems. BS8102 is not a compulsory document, but compliance with it allows a successful outcome to our basement construction projects. This code of practice is also often used by the expert witness.

The New British Standard BS 8102:2009 supersedes BS 8102:1990. Following are some of the recent developments that are addressed:

More deep construction in urban areas

The increase in provision of residential basements

The development of and use of new waterproofing materials

Your Basement Company undertakes a detailed assessment of the risks in each basement construction project. We evaluate strategies for dealing with groundwater, soil gases and contaminants from the earliest stages of the planning and design processes.